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Our Vision

The vision of Maktaba Mashinani Foundation is to build modern 21st century libraries that satisfy the needs of rural communities in Kenya through excellent facilities and management. .

Our Mission

The mission of Maktaba Mashinani Foundation is to: Source for modern library equipment to satisfy the education needs of pupils, students and community members. Optimize the use of the libraries to promote literacy and learning in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Manage the daily running of the modern libraries by addressing the technological needs of the community and providing employment to the rural communities. Assist needy students to get scholarships in all levels of learning. .

Our Values

Values Participation Quality of Service Trust Comfortability Sustainability

To build up a library is to create a life. It’s never just a random collection of books. –Carlos María Domínguez

Organizational Background

Maktaba Mashinani Foundation (MMF) is a registered non-government entity operating under the NGOs co-ordination regulations of Kenya. The NGO is an operational NGO, meaning the MMF team plans and carries out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish MMF’s objectives. This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project. Maktaba Mashinani is in the initial stages of building the first modern rural library in the Kenya. This is being done in Nyandarua County.

Maktaba Mashinani Foundation’s main goal is to improve basic literacy skills of rural children and the youth in all Counties in Kenya. This is by providing learning and recreational materials and facilities through building, equipping and managing of modern rural libraries enabled by close participation and partnership with rural schools and rural communities of Kenya. MMF’s goal is inspired by and supports United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.